For the Kids

For the Kids

Play Group

Kids love to get together and play, play, play. Their parents love it too, so play group happens twice a week - Thursday and Friday mornings for children aged 0-4 - a wonderful opportunity to get to know other parents at the same stage in life.

For more info contact Julie Blair on 456-2929


Children of any age are welcome to stay with their family in church, but we recognise that some parents prefer their kids to spend time with other little people, so a creche is provided during church services for children aged 0-3.


3-6 year olds join with friends during the second half of the church service, to learn more about what it means to be a friend of Jesus at kindy, at home, at school - wherever they are.


6-10 year olds get down with their mates in an action packed program on Sunday morning that gets real about God and about life. Song, dance, art, activities ... all ways to explore these issues together.


11-14 is a tough age to be! It's about exploring who you are, and developing your identity in a whole new way. It's an exciting time too, and ACT1V8 buzzes with life and enthusiasm as an ably led peer group work out how to be a positive impact on the world.

Girls Brigade

A fun and balanced programme for girls aged 5-18, that focuses on developing all parts of life. It all happens at the church, Thursday 6.00pm.

For more info contact Glennis on 471-0504.