Our Vision, Mission, Purpose

bible bread and wine

Vision — the desired future will look like …

We have a dream that the people of the South City believe in and live by Jesus' example and values and belong to congregations who worship and pray freely.

Mission — why we exist (what we are here to accomplish)

As a church we meet regularly for worship, prayer, teaching, encouragement and fellowship. We, individually and corporately, engage in mission locally and overseas. We express God's love to the community through ministries of truth, love and power. In every possible way, under the enabling of the Holy Spirit, we seek to make life long followers of Jesus Christ.

Purpose — what we hope to achieve

To have a range of initiatives throughout the year that promote Jesus' name and His church. To support other initiatives in our city and around the world that are involved in extending God's Kingdom. To help people live rich and fulfilled lives and grow towards Christlikeness.