Reaching out

Sometimes we can all get a bit wrapped up in ourselves... so we try to find opportunities to reach out to others as well. Here's a couple of opportunities you may want to get involved in:

Food  Collection

(Baptist Missionary Fellowship)

This group, who love to provide practical support to people who are missionaries overseas, get together on the second Thursday of the month at 1.30pm. Letters, finances, and special gift packages are some of the ways this support happens. They also keep the rest of the church informed about what families overseas are doing - the things they celebrate, and the tough stuff they face and need our support and prayer for.

For more info contact Judith Smith 456-1196.

Prison food bank

When people are faced with having a family member in prison - maybe the person who provided the family finances - things can be pretty grim. Each week, people from the church donate all kinds of non-perishable food, which gets gathered up and distributed to families struggling to make ends meet because of prison sentences. This is another practical way God's love can reach out in our community.

TranzSend watering cans


While we support TranzSend's work throughout the year, we have a special month in the year when we focus on Overseas Mission through prayer and giving..